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Distributed network file searching

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Search remote computers for sensitive, inappropriate or dangerous files.

FileLocator Network's unique features allow it to efficiently distribute search processing across a network of computers. Distributed searching not only exponentially reduces search times but also vastly reduces network traffic. For simplified administration and safety FileLocator Network also supports centralized searching through network shares.


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Designed for...


System Administrators

Maintain system integrity by searching for file settings or inappropriate files across a group of computers concurrently.


Compliance Officers

Ensure data compliance policies are adhered to through pattern matching based searches across your corporation's networked computers.


Key Features

Distributed workload

Search processing can be handled by the client computers (without any prior installation required) thereby distributing the CPU work load across the network.

Network share support

For simplicity and safety searches can also be run via administrative shares leaving client computers untouched.

Reduced network activity

For distributed searches clients send only the compressed found results and not the complete searchable data saving time and reducing network traffic.

Enhanced security

Your organization's data is kept secure through a Secured Communication Channel.

Boolean simplicity

Pinpoint searching using the familiar AND, OR, and NOT operators as well as the advanced LIKE, NEAR and REGEX extensions.

File lists

Use text file based keyword lists for quickly searching different categories.


Share your results with others using the exporting features.

Customizable exporting

Export formats can be customized with XSL Templates.

Fast multi-threaded searching

Highly efficient search algorithms mean that you spend less time waiting for results.

Relative Date/Time searching

Date/time criteria can be specified in relative terms, e.g.
"Start of month +2 weeks -1 day"

Command line operation

Automate searches using the command line features.


Search logic can be extended using JScript, VBScript or any other Active scripting language.

Regular expressions

Support for regular expressions on file name, contents, and directory level matching.

Deep search

Search not just the document text but the underlying raw file data.

Outlook PST Searching

Search through emails, attachments, contacts, calendar items over multiple PST files in one go.

Many formats supported

Search through ZIP, PDF and many more popular formats.

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